Social science students vote for UNLIMITED GENERAL STRIKE!

At its general assembly Monday, AFESH, the social science students’ association at Université du Québec à Montréal, became just the second to vote in favour of an unlimited general strike this year. Its 4,200 members will walk out on March 18 if a minimum of 20,000 students in 3 different regions of the province have adopted a strike mandate of at least one week — the same minimum required by the student midwives of AESFQ.

In addition, barring the government’s capitulation to their demands, AFESH will be on strike February 20, March 6 to 8, March 15, and March 18 to 22 — with no minimum.

AFESH members stepped up in a big way after last week’s less-than-stellar results, including a particularly disappointing vote by ADEESE, the education students’ association at the same university. However, some constituent associations of ADEESE, committed to following through on the action plan they adopted last year, are now planning strike votes of their own.

For an updated list of the student associations going on strike, please visit the “Who’s on Strike” section of this website.

Photo: CUTE Campagne sur le travail étudiant